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  1. What is NEBS?

  2. What is the main document that makes up NEBS?

  3. Are there other documents that relate to NEBS?

  4. I heard that Telcordia has replaced Bellcore, why?

  5. What is "NEBS Level 3"?  

  6. Who are the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs)?

  7. Who are the Interexhange Carriers (IXCs)?

  8. Do the RBOCs have requirements over and above NEBS?

  9. Do I need to use an "NRTL" for my final NEBS testing?   

  10. Where can I find a Virtual tour of an RBOC's Central Office?

  11. I’d like to learn more about NEBS, are there any seminars?

  12. I have a NEBS Certification and I've made changes; how to I know whether to retest or not?  

  13. What advice can you give to a startup company?

  14. How do you do the Heat Dissipation or Heat Release calculation from NEBS?

  15. Can you recommend a NEBS Consultant? 

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